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Danny Bulanadi at BigWow ComicFest 2012

Welcome to the Official Web Site of Artist Danny Bulanadi!

Most people know Danny as the longtime inker for Marvel and DC Comics. His credentials include Captain America, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, West Coast Avengers, The Blue Beetle, and the Further Adventures of Indiana Jones.
In addition to American comics, Danny has also worked on Pilipino Komiks and helped launch the Atlantis Universe for a Canadian company.
He is currently working on comic books based on the stories of the Bible. This began with a 340-page comic book adaptation of the Bible called Good and Evil. Since then, Kingstone Comics  has worked with Danny to fill in the books omitted frim Good and Evil such as Revelation, Samson, Jonah, King David, and Joshua.
Danny would like to invite you to enjoy the artwork, photos and interviews posted the site.

"Danny was like my American Express Card...I never left home without him.  That's why we worked on so many titles together.  DP7, Quasar, Avengers West Coast and Fantastic Four." - Paul Ryan


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Danny will be a guest at Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, California.
He will be there signing books and drawing sketches on both days (May 18 & 19, 2013).
We look forward to seeing you there. Stop by and say "Hi!"
No Greater Joy now has a second animated clip from the Good and Evil project that Danny drew. You can find it here.

The Art of Danny Bulanadi now has a Facebook presence.
Click here to access it.

Added pictures from BigWow ComicFest in the Photo Gallery. It was a great pleasure to meet Dolores and Rudy Nebres. They are among the nicest people one could ever meet.

Added a For Sale section with lots of pin ups.
Added more images in the May 2012 Gallery page.

Danny has completed Issue #2 of King David. Look for it soon from Kingstone Comics.

Good and Evil, the comic style representation of The Bible, that Danny pencilled and inked is being converted to video. There is a marketing video and a completed first episode at No Greater Joy Ministries.

Danny has completed Volume One of King David for Kingstone Comics. Look for it to come out soon!
The site has been updated. A January 2012 Gallery has been added to showcase some of Danny's current projects.
In May, Danny will be making an appearance at Big WOW ComicFest in San Jose, Califronia.

The Art of Danny Bulanadi 
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